About Us

ERPER (, Nop Technology) is a Vancouver based High-Tech Innovation company dedicated to eCommerce, Mobile Payments, AI Data Analysis, and Digital Asset/Blockchain technology solutions and products. It is composed of a group of professionals with more than 10 years experience in North American e-commerce and mobile payment, familiar with North American humanities, market channels and business environment.
We believe that technology will change the world. While technology changes people's behaviors and habits, it will also greatly increase the productivity of enterprises. These changes will be carried out unconsciously. Therefore, enterprises need to open their minds and actively embrace new technologies, and they will go further and take them to the next level.
Our vision is to help Chinese companies in the United States and Canada to actively innovate, establish professional brands and eCommerce portals, and quickly and efficiently integrate into the North American environment. To this end, we offer e-commerce, mobile payment, and ERP management system integration solutions for different sizes.
We also hope to help companies with export needs in China, regardless of size, to quickly establish a professional brand in the North American market through our B2B e-commerce solutions at a low price and professional service. At the same time, we use our strong business resources to effectively open up local market channels for all companies with export needs.