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Social ECommerce: The Future Business Opportunity of TikTok 15 Seconds

The TikTok e-commerce is promising in the future, and even the social e-commerce that WeChat Weibo can't do well will have a miracle in the vibrato.
Artist Andy Warhol has a famous saying: Everyone can be famous for fifteen minutes, and everyone can be famous in fifteen minutes.

Today, this famous saying is being rewritten by a short video software called TikTok - if you want to become famous, it may take 15 minutes, only 15 seconds.

It claims to help the public to express themselves and record a good life, but it has always been criticized by the media, all kinds of spoofs, show off wealth, and singularity... It can make the 3-year-old Mengwa "accidentally" popular, and also let Some young people are troubled.

There have even been some indulgences that are unable to extricate themselves.

Eating, walking, licking cats, walking dogs, sleeping, you can imagine almost full coverage of the scenes, for some elite groups, the vibrato is complex, on the one hand it is the true embodiment of multicultural landscape, another In terms of it, it is constantly breaking the boundaries of traditional life, so that all serious things can be dissolved through entertainment.

So some people have issued such a comment: China's idiots, half of them are shaking, and half are fast.

Whenever a new thing comes, it can always cause a lot of public panic, and the fear of new things is more serious than the damage caused by the new things themselves.

Putting aside the controversial parts, from a commercial point of view, it seems to me that: the TikTok e-commerce is promising in the future, and even the social e-commerce that WeChat Weibo can't do well, will miracle in the vibrato.

The reason why we are optimistic about TikTok e-commerce is mainly the reasons for these aspects:

First, the centralized Taobao VS decentralized vibrato
Although Taobao has made a lot of explosions, but with the rise of Tmall, a large part of Taobao's traffic has been eaten to Tmall, making C stores more and more difficult.

The merchant is not complaining about the lack of traffic or the promotion cost is too high, but in order to get a good display, you must invest more expenses, shop decoration, drilling exhibition, through train... Whoever sells the higher the price, the higher the store ranking The water is rising.

In any case, as long as the ranking rules of Taobao remain unchanged, which store has high sales, good evaluation, and more promotion costs, Taobao cannot change its centralized platform attributes.

Vibrato breaks this rule. If I am a brand, as long as the user's portrait (region, age, gender, hobbies, etc.) is targeted for advertising, the effect is definitely not worse than Taobao's through train.

At present, the most we see on the vibrato is the game advertisement. Once it is connected with a merchant platform, at least good traffic can be obtained.

If the effect is objective, the vibrato can also be on the line of its own self-operated products. The charm of this kind of advertisement is equivalent to the information flow advertisement of the circle of friends. Different from the circle of friends, the advertisement of the TikTok sound is completely presented by visual effect, and often gives you a feeling that it is not disturbed.

Second, the vibrato has solved the problem of “contributing praise” to social e-commerce
Many e-commerce platforms want to move closer to social e-commerce, small red books, and more, but ultimately they have not completed the grafting. In addition to their lack of social genes, the biggest problem is that they have a strong interaction with users. .

Taobao shopping is highly dependent on search. Although it is based on big data and algorithm recommendation, its intuitive feeling for users is still product display and price touch. It rarely interacts with users through products and scenes.

In addition to asking friends to bargain, squash and share with people around to buy, basically the user buys and leaves, will not come again next time. Most of this interaction is based on the interests, and the user's stickiness is not strong. If it's not particularly tempting, basically you won't think about spreading it on social media.

The vibrato is completely different. If you have a little understanding of the vibrato, the product (content) itself is a kind of information dissemination, and it is easy to stimulate the desire to transfer praise.

Compared with the experience of other e-commerce platforms, this experience is more convenient. If you are a net red, you have released a certain product on your own vibrato, I am your fan, and it happened to be brushed when you shake the sound. I am impressed by this product. At this time, I will make two choices immediately: either choose to buy immediately, or first look at other users' evaluations before deciding whether to buy them; the former is not lacking in "impulsive consumption."

Either way, online video shopping is a new experience for users. If you feel good after purchasing, you will recommend it to the people around you. Perhaps you will ask, there is no customer service in the vibrato, and in today's technologically advanced, this is not a problem at all.

Third, the TikTok e-commerce redefines the small individual and also has its own brand.
Although the earliest slogan was put forward on the WeChat public platform, (it did indeed), but it was not done thoroughly. Under the WeChat ecosystem, the public number has entered a weak middle age, and the opening rate has continued to decrease. Readings continue to decline, and the effects of the Matthew effect and the winner's take-over are becoming more apparent.

Only the institution (media) has a brand. If an individual wants to establish a brand, it is almost a fantasy.

Vibrato continues to carry forward the spiritual concept of the public number. If the public number is the media elite and the place where the 90s are long-sleeved, then the vibrato is a carnival of groups outside the five rings.

They may not care how much money they earn, how much traffic they bring, and whether their behavior has an impact on others. They care about the expression and satisfaction of the individual. Can it be seen by others, is there anyone who likes it, and how many people are concerned about themselves.

Four, 15 seconds of future business opportunities
Even a fan of millions of dollars may not have to consider how to make a profit, turn fans into traffic, and turn traffic into a tool for making money.

But I believe that once some of their group consciousness is awakened, "talent" is motivated, knowing how to integrate business and skills, I believe that the vibrato will burst into infinite possibilities. And this kind of possibility is absolutely no less than the outbreak of micro-business in the circle of friends.
If the circle of friends is the 1.0 era of social e-commerce, then the short video based on vibrato will usher in the 2.0 era of social e-commerce. From text to video, this is not only the advancement of technology, but also the iteration of business model. .

Although it is only 15 seconds (may be longer in the future), it looks light, but it has higher requirements for the producer and the content itself, from video shooting, decoration, copy packaging, sound selection, and post-release. Operations have placed new demands on creators.

Once these forms enter the pipeline-type operation, I believe that the vibrato will definitely usher in an amazing outbreak, new product launches, fan benefits, customized pre-sales... combined with the headline push mechanism and algorithm, the era of e-commerce is no longer It is a slogan of lack of space.

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