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The Two Ways of Playing Social E-Commerce

This question comes from a supplementary question under a message:

I would like to ask about the operation of social e-commerce. How can I attract other customers to cooperate with myself in the early stage? Or how to build your own social system? I am doing clothing here, I am sorry that the question is more general, because it is still not clear about social e-commerce, and it feels like a micro-business move down the line?

In fact, the question itself is not particularly clear, so let's talk about the social e-commerce that I saw in my shallow vision.

According to my own opinion, there are two kinds of social e-commerce.

One is social + e-commerce. Social is the foundation, and e-commerce is a means of realizing. Use the seller's individual credit and social resources to complete the e-commerce realization.
The other is e-commerce + social. E-commerce is the foundation, and socialization is a means of obtaining customers and promoting decision-making. Use the social circle of interest or purchaser to let the information flow spread in vitro, and use the consumer experience and evaluation to promote the purchase desire of the consumer social circle to realize the transaction.
Social + e-commerce, we can see the most likely to be friends circle shopping, bring goods, KOL endorsement, sales.

E-commerce + social, a lot of has been listed, and a small red book can be placed in it.

There are actually two questions in the original question:

First question: How to get customers to cooperate with yourself in the early stage?
Second question: How to build your own social system?
For these two questions, the questioner may point to the first type of social e-commerce, that is, social is the foundation, and e-commerce is the means used to realize.

The first thing to note is that if you want to do the first one, you don't have to choose to do it in the WeChat ecosystem. Because other content social platforms may be easier to do this. The reasons are as follows:

You are the seller, not a friend. Therefore, WeChat's restrictions on the number of friends and the actions of a certain number of friends and friends will automatically filter and block, and will not help this. Therefore, it is more appropriate to make the ID of your operation become an expert in the field of clothing on the content platform, and it will be easier to achieve sales. If you have a content platform that can help you quickly accumulate users, you have the opportunity to sell to those people.

Second, consider whether you are selling clothes or selling services. This is a positioning problem. If you sell clothes, what brand/style clothes you want to sell for; if you sell the service, who needs what kind of service you provide.

For example: For example, women's clothing, you are involved in the whole category, recommend cheap clothing to your users, or say, you are recommended for your users, but do not care where users buy and wear advice The brand or item involved?

Selling clothing, you need to find a supplier, who will ask you for supply, or you will be a buyer, you will pick up the goods, you earn the difference.
Selling services, you need to find the pain points of the users. You are not selling clothes, but you are tailoring the service for different users in different scenarios and different ages. You earn a service fee.
Finally, where is the transaction completed? Applets? No public? Personal number? Taobao store? App?

The core of e-commerce is still three-in-one: information flow, capital flow, and logistics.

It is very simple to understand:

The name of the product, the design of the details page, the picture, the comments and displays of the purchased user, are all areas of information flow.
The flow of funds is very simple, how the user's money gives you, how long the account period between you and the customer, how to settle the settlement, these are the scope of capital flow.
Logistics is simpler, do you want to buy goods? Is it in your own warehouse or in the manufacturer's warehouse, who is responsible for the delivery, how to track and display the logistics information after delivery, whether you can query the logistics information, these are the scope of logistics.
This third-rate is done, and the rest is how to get customers.

There is a story that might help you.

When Chen Tianqiao just bought the operation rights of "Legend", he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars accumulated in previous years, but only the operation rights of the game are not enough. They also need servers and bandwidth.

So Chen Tianqiao went to find the wave and telecommunications. Say I have an international standard contract here, I want to rent your server and bandwidth, but you will use it for free for the first half of the year, then I will pay for the server and bandwidth after half a year, and sign a long-term agreement with you.

Then, actually talked about, the final result is that after the legendary online, it is too profitable. In less than half a year, Shanda paid for the use of these bandwidths and servers and fulfilled the promises and followed up with long-term cooperation.

This is a story, but this story was widely circulated in Shanda that year, so we assume that this story is true. Then, you may ask: Is it a wave of international standard contracts and telecommunications, so that you have the opportunity to cooperate?

I don't think it will be because I can't see a similar contract with Inspur and Telecom.

The reason is probably the payment method proposed by Chen Tianqiao at that time. Firstly, it is internally recognized. Secondly, the signatory people have taken a fancy to the subsequent long-term agreement, so they are allowed to rent for a short period of time.

Then, to solve a nameless person to negotiate with the supplier, in addition to your confidence in the results of your stage of operation, there are some negotiating skills and strategies in addition to planning.

for example:

Let the other party see the long-term value;
Please have a weighty intermediary to do the promotion of cooperation;
Give the other parties some foreseeable benefits, such as cooperation terms that are beneficial to the other party.
These methods are all likely to help you complete the negotiation of cooperation.

Some time ago, I was aware of an interesting account. It initially answered a weird question. Then the commented user said that he would buy the goods he mentioned in the answer. He would push the boat to let these users add his WeChat friends. , pull group to do crowdfunding, and then take the crowdfunding to find suppliers to talk about procurement.

If you can succeed in the end, you can't judge first. But this practice is actually feasible.

As for the second question, how to establish social relationships.

The example of the account I just mentioned is actually a way to build a social relationship.

Of course, you can also use other methods, such as, to trace some content platforms, communities, and even WeChat groups, after a period of operation, establish their own personal brand, to complete the introduction of social relationships to other platforms, such as WeChat, vibrato, and more.

I will not make a more specific explanation here. I think social relationships are a natural thing and need to be accumulated, but there is no way, such as giving everyone a more fun idea.

Suppose I have 100 friends today, send a circle of friends, say that I opened a clothing store today, and asked, who would like to recommend more people to understand my store, I will give you a red envelope according to the quality of recommendation;

Suppose I have a good reputation in 10 groups today. I will prepare a link to my clothing store or make a good-looking poster or a link to a product. In 10 groups, each group will send a red envelope of 50 people. Please help me send the link and poster to the circle of friends...

Suppose I have a good ability to write video scripts. I write a script, take a self-portrait, cut a 15 second and throw it into the vibrato, then send this video to the seven aunts and help me forward, then get a small number. Ask questions, say Miss Sister, your clothes are very good, where to buy them?

And so on, I hope to help you.

If I understand it wrong, in fact, you are not going to play social + e-commerce, but e-commerce + social, we will discuss it separately.

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